Kids and Christmas Benefit Concert

Monday, December 1st – 7:00 pm

Peery Egyptian Theater – Downtown Ogden

This is the 7th year for our “KIDS and CHRISTMAS” Benefit Concert. The Kids are Music and Dance studio is sponsoring this Christmas event, along with featured performers: “VOCALOCITY”, Celtic Beat from La Rae’s Dance Unlimited, Energy Dance Co., The Kids are Music Children Choir and Choral Edition Teenage performing groups along with other “Christmas Surprises”. This is a wonderful family concert and a highlight of our Christmas performing season. The cost of a ticket is about the cost of a movie and will be going to a wonderful cause – The Weber / Morgan Children’s Justice Center in our own community!

Most people are unaware of this non-profit entity that was organized for the purpose of providing a safe, home-like environment for children who have suffered from abuse. Inside this facility, children can be interviewed in a non-threatening, unintimidating way so that they will feel comfortable telling the specially trained interviewer just exactly what happened to them. These interviews are video recorded and are admissible in court.

We have been in the business of teaching music, acting, and dance to thousands of children over the past 35 years. It troubles us deeply to think there are abusers who make children their victims. Weber and Morgan Counties need this facility & they need our help to keep them operating for the benefit of hundreds of abused children who live among us.

We are respectfully asking for your support as a sponsor to our benefit concert. Funding is needed to make this event a success. There are many ways to support this event:

Business Donation:

Your business or the company you work for. You would receive tickets for the event as well as publicity in the program and other marketing. Your donation would be tax deductible.

Neighborhood gift giving:

Instead of giving neighborhood gifts, have a neighborhood party and ask people to donate to this worthwhile charitable cause.

Family Gift Giving:

Many families want to help others at this time of year. This would be a great charity!

Let family and neighbors know about the concert: The more tickets we can sell, the more money we can give to this charity. (And we want our performers to have a wonderful audience, too!)

Christmas is a special time for all of us, especially children! Help make a difference in your community today.

Please contact us immediately to let us know of your support. Any donation is appreciated. We are in need of 4 – 5 business sponsors would could donate: $1000 – $500. Contact us: Email: OR 801.725.6867 If you have other ideas for donors, please let us know. We will contact them. Thank you!!!!