Serving Utah’s Children

The center was originally established to serve children 17 years of age or younger who are victims of alleged sexual or physical abuse. In recent years, there has been an increased demand for services for other crimes involving children, such as domestic violence, drug endangerment, and internet exploitation.


Children’s Justice Centers are private/public partnerships funded through numerous sources:

  • State/Legislative Funding
  • Friends of the Weber-Morgan Children’s Justice Center, a 501(c)(3) private non-profit organization
  • Local Government Support
  • National Children’s Alliance
  • United Way
  • Community Donations
  • Volunteer Programs

Child-Friendly Facility

  • The center is designed to make children feel comfortable and safe when they are meeting with investigators and team members about allegations of abuse.

Multi-disciplinary Team Investigation

  • Professionals from several different agencies collaborate on each child’s case. This team approach increases coordination among child protection and criminal justice agencies, allowing them to track a child’s progress through the investigation, judicial process, and treatment.

Forensic Interviews

  • Specially trained professionals talk to children about the alleged abuse they have experienced. The goal is to minimize trauma to the child by reducing the number of times a child must talk about his or her experiences.

Medical Examinations

  • The center has on-site examination rooms or a local medical professional to collect evidence and safeguard children’s health.

Support Services

  • The center provides abused children and their families with referrals for support services, such as therapy, medical care, and victim resources.

Professional Training

  • Multi-disciplinary teams receive ongoing training to ensure that children receive the most professional care possible.