COVID-19Starry Night 2020 – Celebrating Ogden’s Roarin’ Twenties is on HOLD for now

Dear Friends,

April is traditionally national Child Abuse Awareness Month, and our concern for children is at an even higher pitch than ever before.  Anxiety and frustration are heightened during times such as these, and news that domestic violence reports have increased at an alarming rate comes as no surprise.  We know that sequestering children now, while necessary to control community spread of the virus, also puts many of them at increased risk for abuse of virtually every type – often without the ability to reach out for help.  We are concerned that the need for the Weber/Morgan Children’s Justice Center’s services may ultimately be even greater than in years past, at a time when financial support may be interrupted.

The world is adapting, and so are we.  Child abuse professionals on the front-lines continue to work hard to keep our communities and children safe even in the face of the added uncertainty, stress and danger that comes with a global pandemic – while trying to maintain the social distancing necessary to control spread of the virus.  We can only imagine how your worlds are being impacted both personally and professionally. It is a difficult time for all, yet together, we will prevail.

We have been monitoring the situation with COVID-19 closely, and the evolving information provided by health experts and government entities at every level. As safety is our first priority, we have put our primary annual fund-raising event, Starry Night 2020 – Celebrating Ogden’s Roarin’ Twenties on hold.  It was previously scheduled for May 2, 2020.  We are working on a contingency plan, but like you, will need to see what happens in the near future before we can make a decision regarding the event.

We ask for your patience while we work out a thoughtful and appropriate way to safely bring you  Starry Night 2020 – Celebrating Ogden’s Roarin’ Twenties.  We look forward to the day when we can confidently gather to celebrate in a safe fashion!

Stay tuned and be well,

Rod Layton
CJC Executive Director

Roberta Dustin
President, Friends of the Weber/Morgan CJC

P.S.    Donors who have already pledged support for the event will automatically have their participation transferred once details are finalized.  Those who no longer wish to participate can receive a full refund, upon request.

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